Church Cottage

Down the street on the other side, vacant for many years, sat a small house. Investigating the history, we found that it had originally been built at a different location in 1838 as the first church in East Waterford.  When a new larger church was built, this original building was moved to its current location to provide a home for the first physician in town (Dr. Quig) and his new wife. Definitely in need of rescuing, this became our project beginning in June 2020 through October 2021.  The following photos reflect that adventure.  

Before and During 


There is always more that can be done, but the following pictures reflect completion of a very long checklist. You may have noted that the small addition on the south end of the building was torn off during the effort. Unlike the main building, this addition had no foundation and over time had tilted and pulled away. Saving it was not a practical option, however, every board and section of 'bead board' as well as most studs were salvaged and re-used in the restore/renovation. 

South end that addition was removed from. Stained glass window at the peak providing color into the loft.  

Deck on south end wraps around to back yard. 

Kitchen/dining showing table made from re-purposed material original to the cottage.  Church pews serve as seating. 

Propane fireplace next to ladder to the loft. 

Loft with access to attic storage on the left 

Stained glass windows at the peak on each end seen from the loft.