Dining Room

The dining room contained two long tables for serving family style meals. On a busy Sunday there would be 6 servers and 4 people in the kitchen. One Mother's day it is noted that over 500 people were served. Considering that the meals were prepared on two 'old cook-stoves', there must have been a lot of heat in that kitchen that day.

A grandfather's clock now stands in the same corner that one stood on the day that Miss Grace Pannebaker died. The story goes that she was serving a dinner to the Daughter's of the American Revolution. Although it was unusual for Miss Grace to join her guests, she did on this occasion. At the head of the table she took her last breath. The grandfather clock had not run for some time prior to that day, however, the old clock began ticking for a few moments and then stopped. This 'story' was later confirmed when one of the women who was present that day visited one of our 'open houses' and agreed that this was exactly what happened.