This room was known as 'The Parlor'. It was a formal parlor with plaster and wallpaper in the early to mid 1900's.   It is the original structure built in 1790 and had served as a stage-coach stop and tavern with two bedrooms above. In the process of repairing the sagging main beam, we decided to return this room to its original appearance. This involved removing plaster and lathe, removing hundreds of nails, and cleaning and re-chinking the logs. With a Christmas party scheduled for the evening, we were still working to turn a pile of sand and mortar into the chinking you see between the logs. By the time the guests arrived the job was done and the room was ready.

The bar with the grill that can be lowered ('bar and grill') to protect the inventory looks like it has been in place for 100 years or more, however it was just added in 2018.